For some, the Sacred, connects them to God or Religion. For others, something Sacred, simply holds the highest respect. The Sacred is always something we hold in veneration, above other things, perhaps more important, greater power, authority or a priority of some kind.

We may hold Sacred: the Bible, a book held by our grandfather, a yoga class, our evening glass of red wine, our surfboard(s), photos, art, scriptures, symbols, albums, memories, favorite coffee cup or figures of worship. It is not for us to judge what is Sacred for another, what’s important is noticing what is Sacred to us…

No matter our religion or spiritual beliefs, the tie that binds the parts of our life we hold to be Sacred is: they connect us to love. The love of a recipe or the love of God, if they are any different… ?…

When we hold something Sacred we connect.

When we hold something as Sacred it connects us to LOVE. 

When we hold an object, ritual or symbol Sacred we no longer the center of the Universe. There is some thing outside of ourselves that is larger, more important and, this is a wonderful step out and away from the Ego (attachments that we identify as who we are)…

The sacred is the place where our highest self connects to our highest experience and understanding of Love. Imagine if we held every object, life and moment Sacred?


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